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Bag Closing Machine

Bag Closing Machine are the electrical sealing appliances that are widely used to join together two thermoplastic materials together with the application of heat and pressure. These machines are equipped with a resistive coil through which a standard current value is passing to generate the heat energy due energy dissipation. Bag closing Machine requires an electrical voltage of 220 volts for the efficient and safe working. They are made up of quality materials that are capable to handle high temperature. These are provided with a movable thermal conductive arm which transfers the heat energy generated in the coil to a metal strip which applies pressure to the polybags to join them. 

Bag Closing Thread

Bag Closing Machine

Continuous Bag Sealer

Continuous Bag Sealer is an industrial appliance which is used to join thermoplastics films by the application of heat and high pressure. It is runs on the standard electrical voltage of 220 volts for the generation of heat into the resistive element placed at the middle of the setup. It is provided with a conveyor on which plastic pouches are placed and their open end which is to be sealed is placed in between the heating metal elements. As the belt of the continuous bag sealer moves it drives the bags from one end of the high temperature strip to the other to provide an insulated seal. 

Poly Bag Sealer Machine

Poly Bag Sealer Machine is a small light weight portable electrical equipment which is used to make a seal in between the thermoplastic pouches and films. Its design is like a stapler with two mechanical links join together. The fixed base is provided with a thin metallic resistive heating element on which the plastic film is placed. The movable arm of the Poly Bag Sealer Machine when presses against the base activates the circuit with the help of a push button. It is one of the good solution for the small packaging industries to make tight and insulated seals around the edges of soft polyethylene bag.

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