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Carton Packing Machine

Carton Packing Machine are used for strapping the large boxes using BB straps to provide tight sealing around the open ends. They are provided with a mechanical conveyor for the transportation of oh heavy products from one end to another. It is fixed with a roller for the mounting of tapes and strap rolls and are equipped electronic control system which facilitates the user to easily control the system by pressing the push buttons. Carton Packing Machine are made from best quality of materials that are to provide the greater strength to the structure. There are various different models availed by us and can be delivered to any location in India. 

Semi Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

Carton Packing Machine

Carton Packing Machine is a medium sized machinery which is used for the batch packaging of the large cardboard boxes. It is considered as a secondary packaging machine with semi-automatic control and is used for the sealing of top and bottom open flaps of a carton with help of an adhesive tape. This industrial appliance is capable to handle boxes of many different sizes and is designed with best quality materials to provide rigidness and to easily hold heavy loads. Carton Packing Machine is provided with the mechanical roller conveyors for easy movement of the products from input to the output side. 

Carton Sealer

Lined Carton Packing Machine


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